Gollum – Add Git identity by running Gollum as a Rack appliaction

Gollum is a simple documentation app base on Git. I could write the docs in markdown and all changes would be governed by the Git repository.

But the application doesn’t support any authentication and that means there is no way to trace who has committed the code.

Kudos to Stephanie Collett who wrote a rackup file for Gollum such that it will prompt for user email before the user start editing. That email is stored in session and would be used as identifying during commit.

Here is the config.ru

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'gollum/app'
gollum_path = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'database.git')) # CHANGE THIS TO POINT TO YOUR OWN WIKI REPO
Precious::App.set(:gollum_path, gollum_path)
Precious::App.set(:default_markup, :markdown) # set your favorite markup language
Precious::App.set(:wiki_options, {:live_preview => false, :universal_toc => false, :user_icons => 'gravatar'})
module Precious
class App < Sinatra::Base
# Creates a simple authentication layer
# use Rack::Auth::Basic, "Restricted Area" do |username, password|
# [username, password] == ['admin', 'admin']
# end
['/create/*','/edit/*'].each do |path|
before path do
# hack, must set session to anything for AuthorApp information to carry into Gollum
session['time'] ||= Time.now
if session['gollum.author'].nil? || session['gollum.author'].empty?
redirect '/author/set'
settings.wiki_options[:live_preview] = session['author.live_preview'] unless session['author.live_preview'].nil?
settings.wiki_options[:universal_toc] = session['author.universal_toc'] unless session['author.universal_toc'].nil?
# App allows you to set the author through rack.session cookie
class AuthorApp < Sinatra::Base
get '/' do
redirect '/author/set'
get '/set' do
if session['gollum.author'].nil? || session['gollum.author'].empty?
form = "The author is not set: <a href=\"/author/set\">Set Author</a></br></br>"
form = "Author is set to <b>#{session['gollum.author'][:name]}</b> (<b>#{session['gollum.author'][:email]}</b>) with live markdown editor set to <b>#{session['author.live_preview']}</b> and TOC to <b>#{session['author.universal_toc']}</b>.</br></br>"
form << "Set Author/Preferences for Wiki<br/>
<form name=\"input\" action=\"set\" method=\"post\">
Name: <input type=\"text\" name=\"name\" value=\"#{session['gollum.author'][:name] unless session['gollum.author'].nil? || session['gollum.author'].empty? || session['gollum.author'][:name].nil?}\"><br/>
Email: <input type=\"text\" name=\"email\" value=\"#{session['gollum.author'][:email] unless session['gollum.author'].nil? || session['gollum.author'].empty? || session['gollum.author'][:email].nil?}\"><br/>
Live Editor (side by side live editor for markdown): <input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"live_preview\"#{' checked="checked"' if session['author.live_preview']}><br/>
Universal TOC (table of contents): <input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"universal_toc\"#{' checked="checked"' if session['author.universal_toc']}><br/>
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"referrer\" value=\"#{request.referrer}\"><br/>
<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit\"> or <a href=\"/author/clear\">Clear Author/Preferences</a>
post '/set' do
session['gollum.author'] = { :name => params['name'], :email => params['email'] }
session['author.live_preview'] = params['live_preview'].nil? ? false : true
session['author.universal_toc'] = params['universal_toc'].nil? ? false : true
redirect params['referrer'] || '/'
get '/clear' do
session['gollum.author'] = {}
session['author.live_preview'] = nil
session['author.universal_toc'] = nil
redirect '/author/set'
# Set cookies used by both apps
use Rack::Session::Cookie, { :key => 'rack.session', :secret => "123", :expire_after => (1 * 365 * 24 * 60 * 60) }
# Mount, run both applications
run Rack::URLMap.new("/" => Precious::App.new,
"/author" => AuthorApp.new)

Add it to the Gollum root folder.

Install the Rack gem.

gem install rack


Start the application by

bundle exec rackup config.ru


Done =)

Reference: GitHub Gist – scollett / gollum.config.ru


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