Javascript – Check if user is idle

Update @ 2016-05-21: Please consider using the idleCat plugin instead of this brute force checking approach. Thanks for the suggestion from Smuuf. =D


Nowadays, websites are becoming more advanced with many different features. Sometimes it would be beneficial if we could switch off them on the client browser when the user is idle for a period of time in order to reduce the web server loading.

Here is a Javascript example which would pop up an alert box if the mouse doesn’t move for 3 mins.

$(document).ready(function () {
  // Set timer to check if user is idle
  var idleTimer;
    // clear prior timeout, if any

    // create new timeout (3 mins)
    idleTimer = window.setTimeout(isIdle, 180000);

  function isIdle() {
    alert("3 mins have passed without moving the mouse.");


Done =)

Reference: StackOverflow – Detecting idle time in JavaScript elegantly


4 thoughts on “Javascript – Check if user is idle”

  1. Whoa, doing this for EVERY mouse move event generated by the browser sounds like a really expensive thing to do. I would argue that doing this only when N have seconds passed is a more appropriate way to do.

    As it is done in the jQuery plugin idleCat: … Disclaimer: I’m the author of the plugin.


  2. window or document.addEventListener(“mousemove”, ()) is not working in my project, basically, half part of the project is made in react and half in angular,
    if m using “window or document.addEventListener(“mousemove”, ())” in angulat then this works for angular part only and same for the react also, so can anyone plz help


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