mdpress – Present your markdown file in slideshow

I have been using reveal.js to create slideshow from markdown. It’s very nice and powerful. But the setup is a bit complicated. Sometimes i want to have a more simple solution.

Other than reveal.js, impress.js is a similar tool which allows you to present your ideas in a even more fancy way. I am not going to go into details of impress.js. Instead, i would introduce a tool called Mdpress which generate the .html presentation from markdown.

1. Install the Mdpress.

gem install mdpress


2. Create the

# This is h1


## This is h2


## Unorder list

* item 1
* item 2
* item 3
* item 4


3. Generate the html, css and js files.



4. After that, you will find a new folder which has the same name as your markdown file.

5. Open the index.html to view your slideshow.

6. You can keep Mdpress running such that you can just save the markdown file and refresh the browser to see you latest changes.

mdpress -a


For more usage of Mdpress, please refer to the reference links below.

Done =)



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