Puppet – Create a Custom Resource Type

We can define our own Puppet Resource Type. Here is an simple example which will takes create new folders from a existing folder.

class eureka::ykyuen ($new_folder) {
  define copy_folder {
    file { "/home/ykyuen/$name":
      source => "/home/ykyuen/src_folder",
      recurse => "true",
      group => "ykyuen",
      owner => "ykyuen",
      ensure  => directory,
      replace => "false", # Create new folder only if it doesn't exist

  copy_folder { ["new_folder_1", "new_folder_2"]: }


Please note that the $name parameters is a synonym of $title. After the Puppet apply, you could find the 2 new folders with name new_folder_1 and new_folder_2.

Done =)

Reference: Learning Puppet — Defined Types


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