Apache Ant – Get the SVN revision number by exec task

In Apache Ant, we can use the <exec> task to execute shell command in Ant script. Previously i have shown you how to integrate Apache Ant with SVN.


If you only want to do some simple SVN actions, you can consider using the <exec> task. The build.xml below is a simple example to get the current SVN version number.

<project name="ant-exec-example" default="svnversion" basedir=".">
  <target name="svnversion">
    <exec executable="svnversion" outputproperty="svnversion" />
    <echo message="SVN Version: ${svnversion}"/>


Try it out.

     [echo] SVN Version: 1178M

Total time: 1 second


Done =)

Reference: Apache Ant – <exec>


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