PowerShell – Get command path like the “which” command in Linux

I have installed Sublime Text 3 with the Git package but it keeps prompting Git command not found in the PATH variable. Before i update the PATH, i have to figure out where is my Git command.

In Linux, we can get the path of a specific command by which [comamnd].
ex. ~$ which git

Similarly, we can do it in PowerShell using Get-Command.

  • Get-Command [command] | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Definition


This is how i get my Git command.

The shorthand for the Get-Command is gcm. So you can do the same as follow.

  • gcm [command] | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Definition


Done =)

Reference: StackOverflow – Equivalent of *Nix ‘which’ command in Powershell?


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