WAMP Stacks

Setting you a web development environment in Windows is a big heahache. Here is a list of all on one WAMP packages.


I first tried EasyPHP, everything seems working fine. By default it is bundled with phpMyAdmi module and i downloaded the virtual host manager module such that i could setup a new virtual host and try running a Drupal on it. But here comes the problem.

  • It failed to load some Drupal CSS files due to 403 access denied.
  • The EasyPHP default modules listing page is http://localhost/modules while Drupal core modules are also located in the same url. I guess it could be resolved by virtual host setting but i couldn’t figure out how to fix it.
  • Can’t import DB thru phpMyAdmin. Please refer to EasyPHP – Import DB error for solution.

So i gave up.

Zend Server

It doesn’t look light weight at all. After the installation, i try to access the Zend Server admin page but a blank page is returned and i also couldn’t import DB in phpMyAdmin just like what i experienced before on EasyPHP. So i give up again.

WAMP Server

This is what i am using right now. No problem for running Drupal and i could setup virtual host without any problem. phpMyAdmin working fine and DB import without error as well.

XAMPP for Windows

i haven’t tried it. Anyone could give comment on it?

Let me know your thoughts~ =D



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