Windows PowerShell – Setup user account profile

You can setup the PowerShell profile as follow.

1. Open the PowerShell.

2. Check if the profile file exists. Please note that the letter-case doesn’t matter.

  • test-path $profile


3. Create the profile file if the above it does not exist.

  • new-item -path $profile -type file -force


4. An empty profile file is created.

5. Here is example config for the profile.

# Set the default path
set-location c:\

# Get the shell window
$shell = $Host.UI.RawUI

# Set the shell title

# Set color theme
$shell.BackgroundColor = "Black"
$shell.ForegroundColor = "White"

# Set the shell window size
$size = $shell.WindowSize
$shell.WindowSize = $size

# Set the shell buffer size
$size = $shell.BufferSize
$shell.BufferSize = $size

# Setup alias to start the text editors by commands
new-item alias:np -value "C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe"
new-item alias:sublime -value "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 2\sublime_text.exe"

# Clear the shell


6. Restart the PowerShell.

Done =)

Reference: How-To Geek – Customizing your PowerShell Profile


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