Drupal – Send mass email to node email field using Views Send module

The Views Send module integrated with Drupal Views such that you can select a group of email addresses with the Views filter and then send a batch of emails.

1. Download and enable the Views Send module module.

2. Create a new user view in Table format.

3. Add the User: E-mail as well as the Global: Send e-mail field.

4. Save the view and go to the corresponding display, either a block of a page.

5. There should be a checkbox column and Send e-mail button as depicted below.

6. Select the checkboxes and then click the Send e-mail button.

7. Select the Email field as the recipient’s e-mail and fill in the email content. Click the Next button.

8. You are now in the preview page. Click the Send button to deliver the emails.

Done =)

Reference: Drupal Module – Views Send


2 thoughts on “Drupal – Send mass email to node email field using Views Send module”

  1. On my web server I created a new Drupal 7.34 site knights.stclare.ca
    The domain stclare.ca is operational
    The subdomain knights.stclare.ca is not configured (yet) to point to the IP of my web server.
    I access the new Drupal site knights.stclare.ca only from one windows desktop where I properly modified the hosts file.
    I want to send emails to members of this new web site.

    To do that I followed your example.
    I can see in Reports | Recent Log Messages that the email was sent by views-send to an address that I specified (it is a gmail address)
    But … I do not receive the message at my gmail address
    And it is not neither in my inbox nor in spam

    Any idea why?

    Thank you.


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