Drupal 7 – Export data using Views data export module with Drush command

Yesterday we talked about exporting data using the Views data export module.
Drupal 7 – Export view data CSV, XML, XLS by Views data export module

The module also provides a Drush command such that you can run the export command in the server which is convenient for backend integration.

The following command is stated in the project page.

  • drush views-data-export [view-name] [display-id] [output-file]


You can find the view-name and display-id by mouse over the view display.

But actually the command doesn’t work as expected. For example, the following command will not create the output.csv. Instead, it will print the csv in stdout.

  • drush views-data-export node_export views_data_export_1 output.csv


So if u really want to create the output.csv, you have to feed to stdout to a new file. For example.

  • drush views-data-export node_export views_data_export_1 output > output.csv


Done =)


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