Javascript – Create a date object from a date string

Previously, we talked about how to convert a date object into string.
Javascript – Get YYYY-MM-DD string from a Date object

This time, we will do the opposite which parses a date string and create a date object.

// Assume we have the date string in YYYY-MM-DD formate
var datestring = '2013-05-03';

var date_obj = new Date();
date_obj.setYear(parseInt(datestring.substr(0, 4), 10));
date_obj.setMonth(parseInt(datestring.substr(5, 2), 10) - 1);
date_obj.setDate(parseInt(datestring.substr(8, 2), 10));

// Verify the date object


Done =)

Reference: StackOverflow – javascript: how to parse a date string


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