BeansTag – Official release

After almost 2 years, the BeansTag module finally get through the review process and it is not officially released! If you want to find a simple tool to add page title and meta tags on your Drupal 7 website, BeansTag may be a good option for you.

BeansTag is a page title, meta tag and meta description management tool. You could add the above attributes to any path alias and they would be shown in the webpage. It fully support any pages including views, panel pages as well as nodes.

BeansTag also support multiple language since the language prefix in the path alias is also included when rendering the BeansTag.


  1. Simple user interface and maintain all the meta data in one single page.
  2. Support Token.
  3. Add meta data by url alias pattern like “abc/def/*”.
  4. The above * wildcard only works at the trailing end of the path alias.
  5. Support meta robots and canonical link.
  6. Validate and prompt error if path alias does not exist. (Not applicable to wildcard path.)

Here are the previous posts about BeansTag.

Done =)


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