Drush – Clear Cache and Cheat Sheet

Looking for a Drupal command line tool? Here you are. (Or jump to cheat sheet)
Drush – The command line tool for Drupal development

As a powerful tool, Drush provides much more functionality other than module management. For excample, you can clear the cache using the following Drush command.

drush cc


Or you can clear all cache without being asked.

drush cc all


Very handy, isn’t it? Find out more about what Drush could offer in the following cheat sheet.

Project – Modules and Themes

drush dl [project]
Download Drupal core or project from drupal.org
drush pml
List projects (modules, themes)
drush rln [project]
Show project release notes
drush en [project]
Enable project
drush dis [project]
Disable [project]
drush pm-uni­nstall [project]
Uninstall a project
Cache and Cron

drush cc
Clear cache prompt
drush cc all
Clear all caches
drush cron
Execute scheduled operations

drush upc
Download code updates
drush updb
Update database
drush up
Update code and database
Archive and Restore

drush sql-dump –resu­lt-­fil­e=../b­ack­up-­YYY­YMM­-DD.sql
Dump database to file
drush sql-drop
Drop all tables
drush sqlq –file­=../­ba­cku­p-Y­YYY­-MM­-DD.sql
Execute queries in a file
drush ard –dest­ina­tio­n=../b­ack­up-­YYY­Y-M­M-DD. tar
Create archive of entire site to a file
drush arr backup­-YY­YY-­MM-­DD.tar
Restore archive of entire site from file

drush wd-list
Show available watchdog types and severity levels
drush ws
Show watchdog messages
drush ws –type­=”access denied­” –tail
Watch for failed logins


drush uinf [usern­ame­,ui­d,e­mail]
Display user inform­ation
drush upwd [username] –pass­wor­d=p­assword
Set password
drush uli [username]
Generate one-time login URL
drush ublk [usern­ame­,ui­d,e­mail]
Block user(s)
drush uublk [usern­ame­,ui­d,e­mail]
Unblock user(s)
drush ucan [username]
Cancel user

drush vget
Get a variable
drush vset
Set a variable
drush vset theme_­default [theme]
Set default theme
drush vset admin_­theme [theme]
Set admin theme

List all drush commands
drush help
Get help
drush help [command]
Help for a specific command

Reference: drush commands Cheat Sheet by FluxSauce


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