Drupal 7 – Pass values from PHP to Javascript

During Drupal development, sometimes we may need to manipulate some server data in Javascript. In this case, we could create a custom module to retrieve the database data and pass it to browser such that we can it it in Javascript.

1. Implement the hook_init().

function <module-name>_init() {
      'eureka' => array( // we should use module name for best practice
        'data' => array(
          'Name' => 'ykyuen',
          'Blog' => 'Eureka!',
          'URL'  => 'https://eureka.ykyuen.info/',


2. Clear the cache and refresh the website, you could find the values in Drupal.settings.

Done =)

Reference: Drupal Jquery : How to add a setting from php to your jquery script | Totally drupal | Dominique De Cooman


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