2 thoughts on “名言七十”

  1. The big problem with this statement is the use of the word moral. Whose morals? God’s, an atheist’s, mine? It is Ken Wilber who points out that the more we know about a subject/situation the more difficult it is to take a position as we are more and more able to see the position of others in the situation. King’s statement could be used to justify the taliban, al queda, southern american red neck christianity or communism. Clearly that is not what he wants for it but clearer thinking is required before statement like this can be bandied around.

    For a statement like this to be useful we need a consistent agreed moral code that applies to all, regardless of politics, religion or position.


    1. That’s why King said GREAT moral conflict. =P

      The key question in the statement is how to define moral and you already got the answer as you think the statement could be used to justify the taliban, al queda who trying to kill the innocent people in order to voice out their objective. As a civilian, we should have the universal values without doubt. These universal values are the agreed moral code. I totally agree with that.

      But sometimes, we would face controversial issue which is not easily to be judged. In this case, we should encourage people to think and discuss. If we remains neutral, we never come up with the universal values.

      King’s statement touches me so much because this is exactly what happens in HK. Most people here never care about the society. They spend most of the time on money.


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