Drupal 7 – Strengthen the core Forum module by Advanced Forum

I am now working a new website project which includes a forum. With the Forum module bundled in the Drupal core. It is easy to build a forum based Drupal site. In the coming days, i would like to share suggestions when working on forum site.

First of all, you could equip your Drupal website with the basic forum features by enabling the core Forum module. However, that may be not enough for meeting the client’s requirements or it is difficult to customize it. That’s why we need the Advanced Forum module.

1. Install and enable the Advanced Forum module.

2. Configure the theme and other Advanced Forum settings @admin/config/content/advanced-forum.

3. Create a new forum topic and see what you get.

4. For theming the forum pages, you could use the Naked theme such that you can easily customize the style with CSS as well as a list of .tpl.php located in sites/all/modules/advanced_forum/styles/naked.

You could find more information about the Advanced Forum features in the following post.
Document Advanced Forum’s features

Done =)



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