Drupal 7 – Selection list for Entity reference in Views exposed filter

When you want to set an Entity reference field in Views exposed filter, it only allows free text input filter. But i want to have a selection list instead of a free text input.

Just simply go to the field setting page @ admin/structure/types/manage/<content-type>/fields/<field-name> and check the Render Views filters as select list option.


The selection list is now ready in the exposed filter.

Done =)

Reference: Entity Reference does not offer select list as a views exposed filter, only text field for id number


9 thoughts on “Drupal 7 – Selection list for Entity reference in Views exposed filter”

      1. The Views Autocomplete Filters should work for the entity reference field too. i have used it in one of my projects.

        Anyway, thanks for your patch link. It would be great if the entity reference module supports the autocomplete filter widget so we dun need to install another module. =D


  1. yep i made autocomplete field in views i use ‘Views Autocomplete Filters’ like you said! Thanks for that. your site very useful!


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