Drupal 7 – Apply sticky footer in Omega theme

We can make the section-footer sticky in Omega theme by adding the following piece of code in <your-theme>-alpha-default.css.

/* sticky footer */
html, body {height: 100%; margin: 0;}
#page {display: table; width: 100%;}
html>/**/body #page {height: 100%;}
*:first-child+html #page {height: auto;}
.section {display: table-row;}
html>/**/body .section-content {height: 100%;}
*:first-child+html body .section-content {height: auto;}


Kudos to Karl Kasischke.

Done =)

Reference: Has anyone tried to get a sticky footer to work with Omega?


16 thoughts on “Drupal 7 – Apply sticky footer in Omega theme”

  1. Hello, quick question. When I do this it leaves a blank space between my content and my footer if the page is not long enough. Is there any way I can also expand the content div? I’ve been trying to figure it out, not getting far.



      1. Ideally the content section would expand, so the footer is on the bottom of the page, and there is just empty content background between the bottom of the content and the top of the footer (instead of white space).


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