Drupal – Form Path Problem of Exposed Filter Block in Panel Page

In Views, we can make the exposed filter into block and therefore we can select it for Panel page. But this would not work because after the filter form submission, it will redirect to the view page rather than the current panel page.

Luckily, i found a solution to resolve the issue.

function <module>_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id){
  if ($form_state['view']->name == 'VIEW_NAME' && $form_id == 'views_exposed_form') {
    $form['#action'] = '/panel/path';


Now it will stay at the /panel/path after the filter form submission.

Done =)

Reference: Make ‘exposed form in block’ work in panels: Change the $form[‘#action’] of views_exposed_form to request_uri() in panels_pane

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