PHP – Swap Array Elements By Array Keys

The following PHP function could swap the array elements by the array keys.

function array_swap_assoc($key1, $key2, $array) {
  $newArray = array ();
  foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
    if ($key == $key1) {
      $newArray[$key2] = $array[$key2];
    } elseif ($key == $key2) {
      $newArray[$key1] = $array[$key1];
    } else {
      $newArray[$key] = $value;
  return $newArray;


try it out.

  $temp = array('a' => 'A', 'b' => 'B');
  $temp = array_swap_assoc('a', 'b', $temp);

  // $temp => array('b' => 'B', 'a' => 'A');


Done =)

Reference: Stack Overflow – Switch two items in associative array PHP


3 thoughts on “PHP – Swap Array Elements By Array Keys”

    1. Depends on what you want to end up with, in this example, it doesn’t change the key value pair but just swap their positions.

      Your comment will result in

      $temp => array('a' => 'B', 'b' => 'A');

      is that what u want to do?


  1. wtf? foreach?

    function array_swap_assoc($key1, $key2, $array) {
        if (isset($array[$key1], $array[$key2]))
            $temp = $array[$key1];
            $array[$key1] = $array[$key2];
            $array[$key2] = $temp;
        return $array;

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