SVN Migration

I am going to close the server at my home so i need to move all the stuff to the new server which is a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

The most important stuff is the Subversion repository. Luckily i found a very good post about migrating a SVN repository in just a few steps – How to migrate SVN repository?.

Let’s assume the repository is called eureka and the Subversion group in the server is svn.

1. Dump the SVN repository @ the old server

  • svnadmin dump eureka > eureka.svn


2. Upload the dumped file to the new server

3. Create a new SVN repository @ the new server

  • svnadmin create eureka


4. Import the dumped file to the new created repository.

  • svnadmin load eureka < eureka.svn


5. Modify the files owner and permissions

  • chown -R www-data:svn eureka
  • chmod -R g+rws eureka


Done =)

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Reference: How to migrate SVN repository?


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