Drupal – Using JQuery UI

You can make some JQuery UI function with the help of the JQuery UI module. For example, the Date module of CCK allows the Date Popup feature which required JQuery UI. The current support version for JQuery UI is 1.6.

1. Let’s download the Date and JQuery UI modules and extract them into sites/all/modules. We also need to download JQuery UI 1.6 library to sites/all/modules/jquery_ui.

2. Extract the JQuery UI library in the sites/all/modules/jquery_ui folder

  • unzip jquery.ui-1.6.zip


3. Rename the extracted folder to jquery.ui (sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/jquery.ui)

  • mv jquery.ui-1.6 jquery.ui


4. Now we can enable the modules


5. Add a Date CCK field to a content type as follow


6. Try it now


Done =)



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