Drupal – Override the Menu Link in Taxonomy Menu

The Taxonomy Menu allows you listing all taxonomies in a menu. You can either link the taxonomy by term id or term name. I have Pathauto installed such that each term is linked to a URL alias.


Unfortunately, you cannot replace the special characters in the term name. The following is a list of terms and their corresponding links.

  • Apple & Pearproducts/apple-%26-pear
  • l’orangeproducts/l’orange
  • Apple (Green)products/apple-(green)
  • Lemon/Grapefruitproducts/lemon/grapefruit


The above links are all not valid links. The correct URL alias created by Pathauto should be.

  • Apple & Pearproducts/apple-pear
  • l’orangeproducts/lorange
  • Apple (Green)products/apple-green
  • Lemon/Grapefruitproducts/lemongrapefruit


You can either change the Pathauto setting but this does not work anyway for a term name with ‘/’. An alternative is to replace the special characters when generating the menu link.

Edit the template.php in your theme folder and add the following theme function.

 * This function replace the special characters in the taxonomy when generating the taxonomy menu with term name.
// Remember renaming the function to <theme_name>_menu_item_link
function phptemplate_menu_item_link($link) {
  if (empty($link['localized_options'])) {
    $link['localized_options'] = array();
  // replace special characters
  $href = str_replace('&-' ,'', $link['href']);
  $href = str_replace('(' ,'', $href);
  $href = str_replace(')' ,'', $href);
  $href = str_replace("'" ,'', $href);
  // replace the 2nd occurrence of '/'
  $href_head = substr($href, 0,  strpos($href, '/')+1);
  $href_tail = substr($href, strpos($href, '/')+1);
  $href_tail = str_replace('/' ,'', $href_tail);
  $href = $href_head.$href_tail;
  return l($link['title'], $href, $link['localized_options']);


This should solve the problem.

Done =)

Reference: Drupal APi – theme_menu_item_link

2 thoughts on “Drupal – Override the Menu Link in Taxonomy Menu”

  1. I tried this with my theme name, and nothing. I am on Drupal 7.

    function _menu_item_link($link) {
      if (empty($link['localized_options'])) {
        $link['localized_options'] = array();
      $href = "hackcheck";
      return l($link['title'], $href, $link['localized_options']);


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