Drupal – Create a Taxonomy Menu

Taxonomy Menu helps you create menus for Vocabulary. First, install the Taxonomy Menu.


1. Create a new menu named as Story Menu.


2. Edit the Stories Vocabulary. Set the Menu Location to Story Menu.


3. Add the newly created menu block to the left side bar.


4. You can find the menu in the left side bar now.


5. If you don’t want the Stories Vocabulary in the menu. You can uncheck the Add item for vocabulary checkbox in the edit view of the Stories Vocabulary.


That is what i want.


Done =)

Reference: Drupal Module – Taxonomy Menu

4 thoughts on “Drupal – Create a Taxonomy Menu”

  1. Hi ,

    In my point of view Nice menu’s are very useful to create a websites with high looking buttons . Moreover its more helpful to creating a nice looking menu. By using this nice menu’s we can Build a navigation menu, with no additional coding scripts and images. Its also Provides different border Styles and properties make us to create a menu with out hand coding.Which helps to make a best website.



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