2010 Japan North East Journey


冰島火山爆發令到意大利北部之旅泡湯,居然可以係不足兩日的時間準備這次日本東北部之旅,都係全靠 Tinyan 對旅行的熱誠 =P。如果沒有佢的推動力我想我不會有機會一試自駕遊的經驗與親身感受日本文化。多謝 Tinyan 妳沿途的照顧與支持,Thanks。



白石川堤 - 一目千本櫻
白石川堤 - 一目千本櫻

2 thoughts on “2010 Japan North East Journey”

  1. i need to thank you too =)

    thanks for accompanying me whenever i ask you to…..(i know you are not really interested in traveling, haha!)

    it’s absolutely a great trip!!! so enjoyable ^.^


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