PayPal Sandbox – The First Step Of Building Your Online Paypal Shop

Before registering a real PayPal account, I strongly recommend you to try the PayPal Sandbox first.

With PayPal Sandbox, you can create both buyer and seller accounts to simulate the whole PayPal ransaction process. It also allows you to test the Instant Payment Notification and the Payment Data Transfer which you may implement in your web application. This makes sure the whole payment work flow could be tested completely before it runs on the production server.

Registering a PayPal Sandbox account is completely free and it is independent with your real PayPal account.

Visit PayPal Sandbox

Reference: PayPal Sandbox User Guide (PDF)

Done =)


2 thoughts on “PayPal Sandbox – The First Step Of Building Your Online Paypal Shop”

  1. Hi. I am new to WordPress and am asking if I can setup a PayPal purchase icon on my site? I have an ebook I wrote and am selling so I need it to be downloadable. Can I do that with WordPress or addons?


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