openSUSE Build Service provides a online build service for Linux users such that they can build their own rpms without having a Linux build environment.

openSUSE Build Service

I would make use of the hello-2.1.1.tar.gz and hello-2.1.1.spec in openSUSE – Build a rpm package.

1. Register an account

2. Create your home project

3. Add Build Repositories for your build

  • I dun know why the hello-2.1.1 can only be built in Fedora Linux. You can add as many as repositories you want.

4. Click Add Package under the Packages column

5. Add the hello-2.1.1.tar.gz and hello-2.1.1.spec to the package

  • Please note that your .spec file maybe corrupted if you edit it in notepad. Run dos2unix on the spec file on Linux and upload it again.

6. The build will start automatically where there is build environment available

7. Your rpm is built or u can refer to the build log in case if there is build error

Done =)


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