Maven + SVN + CruiseControl @ 1

The need of management is always true everywhere — a company, an application as well as yourself. As a programmer. i have been involved in some messy IT projects which have no management at all. Actually this is very common in HK where local companies only want you to complete the tasks before deadline. In such a busy city, seems that quality means nothing and changes come everyday.

Working in that kind of hopeless project is really time-wasting. And the larger the project scale, the more important of project management. This is a very simple idea, but not many people know they need to manipulate it.

So let’s move back to the topic.

Maven is a project management tool on Java projects. The definition of Apache Maven: Maven is a project management tool which encompasses a project object model, a set of standards, a project lifecycle, a dependency management system, and logic for executing plugin goals at defined phases in a lifecycle.

SVN is a version control tool for managing the source code. I guess most people are familiar with it.

CruiseControl is a continuous integration tool. It is used for monitoring the status of the code development and help you to reduce risk of integration problems among the code piece of individual developers in a project team.

So if we can make good use of these development tools, the world will be more manageble =P. Actually i am still working on creating such a development environment. So if you find out i have mentioned something which is not true. Please let me know =).

I will talk about them one by one.

To be continued…


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