Ajax implementation on CakePHP @ 1

I have been working on a website which make use of the ajax features under the CakePHP framework. Although the CakePHP framework provides Ajax Helper for the ajax implementation, it is not easy to use since there are not very much resources about cakePHP on web and some of them are quite confusing.

I just keep trial and error and finally make something work as i wish. =)
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最近在公司拿了一本書看,書名叫做《矽谷大革命》,英文書名是《REVOLUTION In the VALLEY》,作者係Andy Hertzfeld。

Andy係麥金塔(Mac機)開發早期的軟件工程師,書中描述他在Apple工作時的所見所聞與工作點滴,其它當年曾在Apple工作的員工也有在書中補充了很多不同的資訊。如你有興趣了解Apple當年的文化和歷史,此書絕對值得一看。令我最深刻的是作者對Steve Jobs的描繪,看過之後你就會知道他擁有的神奇力量,就連作者和其它Apple裡面出色的員工都無力抵抗…

Folklore.org: Macintosh Stories/

Dream BIG and go for it =)