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然而,反對派喉舌硬要炒作德育及國民教育是「洗腦教育」 — 在一個開放的社會,觀念經常隨時代潮流而轉變,真要「洗腦」,談可容易!


我在討論的技巧 @ 1提及過,討論時要留意自己主觀的情感,非理性地標籤別人只會阻礙討論的空間。上述作家說“反對派”德育及國民教育炒作為「洗腦教育」,他又可嘗不是將“反對派”炒作為「習慣性質疑証」呢?這不是討論而是嗌交。
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Paul Mooney – Self-censorship in SCMP

On April 22, Wang Xiangwei, the new editor-in-chief of the South China Morning Post,informed me that my contract with the newspaper would not be renewed when it expired on May 21. I can’t say I was surprised.

Sitting in a hotel restaurant in Hong Kong on a hot April day, Wang stared down at the table as the conversation began, seemingly unwilling to make eye contact. After a few minutes of chit chat, I asked him directly about my contract. He fidgeted and said he would not be able to renew it due to budget problems.

To me it was clear that this was a political decision. For seven months, he had basically blocked me from writing any China stories for the newspaper. During that period, I only had two stories in the China pages of the newspaper–one on panda bears and one on compensation for AIDS victims. Some two dozen other story suggestions went unanswered by the China Desk–in one case a story was approved, but the editor told me Wang had overruled him. A half-dozen emails to Wang pleading to write more for the newspaper went unanswered.
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