NERDTree – The File Explorer in vi/vim

I have been working on Rails for more than half year and i do file editing with vi at server side most of the time. vi is a great tool but it is not convenient for editing multiple files which is very common in programmer. In the past, I had to close the file, cd to another directory and opened another file for editing.

And last week, Steve told me a vi plugin called NERDTree which acts like a File Explorer in vi and it is written by Marty Grenfell. I have just tried it and it definitely changed my life! Let’s install it first.

1. Download the plugin from the NERDTree website to ~/.vim

2. Unzip the downloaded archive

3. Open vi

4. Enter :helptags ~/.vim/doc

5. Restart vi

Now you can open the NERDTree Explorer by the :NERDTree command.


Here are some the useful commands and hotkeys i found in a blog post written by Peteris Krumins and StackOverflow.

:NERDTree      #Open the NERDTree Explorer
:NERDTreeClose #Close the NERDTree Explorer
:tabp          #Go to previous vi tab
:tabn          #Go to next vi tab
:tabnew        #Open new vi tab



o       #Open file or directory in the NERDTree Explorer
t       #Open file in new vi tab
i       #Open file in new horizontal split
s       #Open file in new vertical split
p       #Go to parent directory
r       #Refresh current directory
ctrl+ww #Switch between the NERDTree Explorer and File Buffer


Done =)


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