OpenSSL – Generate a RSA Key and Keystore

I will show you how to generate the following files using OpenSSL.

  • Private Key
  • Certificate Signing Request
  • X.509 Certificate/Public Key
  • PKCS12 Keystore

Generate the Private Key with 1024 key size – test.key

  • openssl genrsa -out test.key 1024


Generate the Certificate Signing Request – test.csr

  • openssl req -new -key test.key -out test.csr


Generate the X.509 Certificate/Public Key which has 365 effective days – test.cert

  • openssl x509 –req –days 365 -in test.csr -signkey test.key -sha1 –out test.cert


Generate the PKCS12 Keystore – text.p12

  • openssl pkcs12 -name test -export -in test.cert -inkey test.key -out test.p12


Done =)

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