Global – 2009 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography 尤金史密斯人道主義攝影獎

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This year, the prize goes to a Chinese Photographer – Lu Guang. His pictures shows the dark side of China on pollutions which are always hidden behind beautiful scene by the Chinese government. As a Chinese, it is very heart breaking to see those picture. Anyway, i would like to let more people know the biggest challenge of human beings in the future is not about the financial tsunami or economic recession, but the health of our earth.

今年的尤金史密斯人道主義攝影獎得主係一位中國攝影家 – 盧廣。得獎的作品全都揭露係中國經濟繁榮的背後,環境破壞對人類的影響。作為中國人,看到這些相片令我很痛心,所以希望在此與其它人分享,不要只顧追求經濟發展,地球需要我們保護。


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