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Ubercart – Charge throught membership subscription on Drupal 7

I have never tried to build a Drupal application with paid membership. Both Ubercart and Drupal Commerce provide membership subscription feature. This example is a proof of concept on implementing paid membership on Ubercart.

1. Enable the Roles module in Ubercart.
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Drupal – Ubercart and SMTP Authentication Support

Finally i could use the Go Daddy email account as relay using the SMTP Authentication Support module in Drupal. I can send the testing email but it doesn’t work for those email triggered by the Ubercart module. This is because Ubercart has it own mail system so you have to tweak the setting such that it use the SMTP module to send email. This can be done by the Mail System module.

1. Download and install the Mail System module.

2. Go to the setting page @ admin/config/system/mailsystem.

3. Update the Cart module class, Order module class and Store module class such that they all use the SmtpMailSystem rather than UbercartMailSystem.
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Drupal 7 – Customize Ubercart invoice email template

You can find the Ubercart invoice email template files @ sites/all/modules/ubercart/uc_order/templates. You could copy and edit the uc-order–customer.tpl.php to fit your needs but you could not select it @ E-mail customer checkout notification > Email an order invoice in Rules. This is because you have to implement the hook_uc_invoice_templates() before the new template is selectable.
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PHP – Get the next month by strtotime

I am working on a Hotel Booking website. The booking feature is provided by Hotel Booking System for Ubercart. But this module is not actively maintained so there are some bugs which i have to fix it for myself.

One of the bug is about strtotime(‘+1 month’). Intuitively, you may think you could get a date of next month. But here comes the problem. Assume you are now on 31st Jan. Since February only has 28 days (sometimes 29), strtotime(‘+1 month’) will return 3rd Mar.
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