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Drupal 7 – Menu item is disabled after saving the node in different language

i found a bug with the i18n module. Assume i have a node in Traditional Chinese and i edit it in English. The menu item set Menu settings will be disabled after save.

A simple workaround is to alter the node edit form such that the user will be redirected to the language same as the node.
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Drupal – Force Path Prefix for Default Language

Update: 2012-04-18: This solution is for Drupal 6 and it hacked the Drupal core. So please apply it with extreme caution. For Drupal 7, please try the approach suggested by outsourcer.

When you have more than one language on Drupal site, you have to define the default language among one of them. For example, if i set English as the default language, it will be shown in both http://<domain_name>/ and http://<domain_name>/en. but all the links in the default language will not have the en path prefix. Continue reading