About Me

Taken at Sounion

I am a programmer who was born in Hong Kong and now i am working as a freelancer.

This blog is my notes on programming and some other stuff like traveling and things happened around the world. If you find something which is useful or you have questions at Eureka!, just let me know by leaving a message. If you want to know more my works, you can visit my portfolio.=)

Thanks for your time for reading something about Me and Eureka!.

My Profile

Something About Myself

  • First Name: Ying Kit
  • Last Name: Yuen
  • Interests: Soccer, Programming, Women, Reading, Singing
  • My favourite people : Albert Einstein, Cesar Millan


Something About Soccer

  • Favorite Teams: Arsenal, Leeds United and Barcelona
  • Favorite Players: Pablo Aimar, Harry Kewell, Gabriel Batistuta


To Be Continued…

34 thoughts on “About”

  1. Man ,
    Thank you very much for your blog to help everyone .

    I looking code in Iphone how can use tab bar in view and how can connect it with action.
    I hope you know what I mean . Could you please explain me how can do that …..

    Thanks alot

    Moe Basha


    1. Hi Basha,

      Thanks for you comment. I haven’t done any iphone development for more than a year and i never use the Tab Bar before.
      But i am sure you could find many up-to-date resources on how to use a tab bar by google like the following one.
      iPhone SDK Tutorial: Custom Tab Bar

      Hope it can help.



  2. I need to know the function used to execute Java program with command-line arguments (client and server) from PHP or HTML other than EXEC() and SYSTEM(). Please help me…


  3. Hi ykyuen,

    Stumbled upon your site while finding out ways to integrate facebook login on my current project. I really like your personal blog – very clean and nicely laid out. Well done!

    By the way, I’m from HK too. Are you based in HK? Would love to exchange some ideas with you.



  4. Hey Ying, thanks for your blog, and for sharing good tips. Would you mind helping out on a short school project. It’s on these audio playing stuffs and I definitely need some help. Please inbox me if this is possible. Thank again.


  5. Hi
    I am really glad that i have came accross to your blog. Its a full of resources.
    I am a beginner in webhosting and linux. Playing with different distro. I am sure if you can make a tutorial of how to use drupal on Centos + Nginx many noob like me would appreciate your work. Do you have any plan to do that near future?


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